ART DIRECTION Katharina Uhe & Francesca Schliephake
TEXT Francesca Schliephake

The name, motivation, and inspiration of 13MIN AGO is based on the short fictional story that SOL performed live during the Anti-University Festival in 2020. From there on, the collective started its journey and slowly developed into what we are today: An open platform for continuous cross-disciplinary collaborations between emerging talents.

It seemed like the world had stopped for 13 minutes...

Was I just forgetting about time? When I opened my eyes and began to look around me, there wasn’t the slightest indication of a change anywhere. My furniture was still in the same position, the work where I left it and the wind rustling through my windows. Only my thoughts are visibly flying around like particles fuelling the air.

What happened to the meaning of time? Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok - is the stimulating background music in my head becoming the sound of a non-time drowning in uncertainty.

Somehow I feel an inner force inside me, telling me to move my fingertips and create something. Somehow, however, I feel numb, passed out by the time and my surroundings. I started thinking about those who cannot resist the desire to get into a cage with wild beasts? Those who fear makes them fearless. What if I perceive this time, this minute as a challenge?